Justice for the 96

I wrote a piece on behalf of the Dons Trust for yesterday’s AFC Wimbledon matchday programme, looking at the recent verdicts in the new Hillsborough inquests. The article is now up on the Dons Trust website.


It’s been nice to receive positive feedback on the piece from fellow supporters. When you feel passionately about an issue it can sometimes be difficult to remain detached enough to judge the writing in an objective way. I feared that this piece verged on being pompous and clichéd, so I’m glad that at least some people don’t feel that was the case.

It worries me that some football fans still fail to see that what happened at Hillsborough had an impact on all football fans, not least with the then-Thatcher government’s proposal to introduce identity cards for football fans, a proposal that was thankfully later dropped.

And despite the new inquest verdicts, some football fans still seem to believe the lies that were spread in the media by South Yorkshire Police in the aftermath of the verdict.

Thankfully, those fans are few and far between.

Source: http://thedonstrust.org/2016/05/07/justice...