Dons Trust election: what are your big issues?

I have decided to stand for election to the Dons Trust board. It’s a decision I’ve been mulling over for some time, and have been encouraged to do by a few people. I’ve swung between thinking it’s something I should do and thinking I should run a mile: putting myself forward for public scrutiny is quite a scary prospect! So what has convinced me to do it?

First of all, as I say in my draft manifesto, I’d like to acknowledge the hard work put in by the existing board. They put in many hours of unseen work, and all of them want to see our club succeed and prosper. Their decisions are made with the club’s best interests at heart. We owe them – as we owe all our brilliant volunteers – a huge debt of thanks.

But if I have some concerns and some strong views, is it fair to stand on the sidelines and carp? Given that we are a fan-owned, democratic club where anyone can get involved, I don’t think it is. We need people to stand up for what they believe in, no matter how much coming forward for election might be a scary prospect. So I’ve taken a deep breath and have decided to stand this year.

I’ve written my draft manifesto. It covers what’s at the centre of my thinking.

But what do you think? What should be the big issues in this election? What haven’t I covered that you think should be covered?

Dons Trust board members can only speak for themselves unless they engage with other supporters and ask you what’s concerning you. (I think it’s a given that we’re all worried about our early season league position!) I can’t guarantee that I’ll agree with you, but I’d like to hear your views nonetheless. I may not be able to include your concerns in my final manifesto, but I will note them and if elected follow up on them.

Please comment below. (I will need to approve your comment before it appears so there might be a delay before it shows.) Or let me know on Twitter. Or if you prefer you can email me directly and keep a degree of privacy.

Finally, if you believe passionately in the future of our club, why not stand for election yourself? Nominations close on Tuesday 2 October, shortly before our home match against Bradford City, which is also when I need to submit my final manifesto. It would be great to have a contested election this year, rather than having people elected by default. The discussion and engagement of a contested election could only strengthen our club.

So fire away: let me know your views. And if you’re a Trust member, please consider voting for me.