Dons Trust AGM tomorrow

Tomorrow night is the Dons Trust AGM. When it finishes, me and the other three successful candidates from the recent board election will officially become board members. But things have been happening behind the scenes in the meantime.

First up, you can now email me on (Thank you to Chris Mappley for setting this up.) The ‘’ email address that I used during the election campaign will soon become inactive.

Last week I and the three other successful candidates attended the existing board’s monthly meeting as observers, which helped us get up to speed on the issues that are featuring regularly on the agendas of these meetings at the moment. And last night Mark Davis, the chair of the board, kindly held a separate meeting for us newcomers so we could go over some of the current issues in a bit more depth.

Tomorrow night’s AGM is the final one organised by the current board, but you might see us helping a bit on the night. We officially become board members as soon as the meeting closes.

Before the AGM starts I’ll meet club secretary David Charles to sign the paperwork for the EFL’s Owners and Directors’ Test. Going through that should be quite straightforward for someone like me but it still made me do a momentary ‘gulp’ as the responsibility of what we’ve taken on sank in.

I’m itching to get cracking and try to make a difference but may have to hold back a little bit until the new board officially meets for the first time early in the new year. That’s when we’ll sit down and work out who on the board is going to do what – I don’t want my enthusiasm to lead me to tread on the toes of a fellow board member in the meantime!

I’ll be in the Dons Trust kiosk for the matches against Plymouth Argyle (provided Boxing Day travel doesn’t let me down!) and Blackpool.

Please come and say ‘hello’ – it’s only by hearing your views and issues that we can represent you properly.